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Anatomy of Social

Premium intelligence for entertainment brands. Our subscription service benchmarks brand performance across social channels relative to competitors. 

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Stay ahead of the curve.

With an Anatomy of Social membership, you'll receive exclusive access to our platform with custom research, insights, and data visualization to help your brand optimize performance across social channels and improve ratings. 

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Our mission is to provide clarity to executives. We're not like other social analytics firms; we have our roots in production and understand the creative process. We know smart creative. This is how our membership works 

1. Add your networks to our sample. 


The industry is constantly changing. Join our community of networks and leverage our pool of social data to learn about trends, best practices, and successful publishing tactics. We share what you need to know and cut out the noise.

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2. We collect and audit the data


We gather thousands of data points from Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, then rigorously process the data through a proprietary auditing process. Our statistical analyses tell you both the "so what" and the "now what," helping you optimize your brand's publishing tactics. 

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3. We deliver reports, insights, news 

We provide our members with exclusive access to a custom profile on our platform with in-depth reporting and data analysis to assess how your brand is performing across channels. 

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Become a member 

Members use our data and insights to monitor social performance and identify best practices to maximize the return on their social investments. 

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The correlation between social & ratings

Our statistical research demonstrates a significant relationship between social performance on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube and linear ratings. What does this mean for your network? Social isn't becoming important. Social is important. 

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Join our newsletter to see how cable networks perform on social each week.

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